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Wavenlon is one of Daernika’s oldest and largest cities. It was founded millennia ago by eladrin newly-arrived from the Feywild during the end of the Fourth Age. The city rests among massive trees, and is stratified by class and race – the wealthy eladrin live in the Canopy while the poorer elves live in the Root.


Wavenlon is located on the south side of the Cobalt River, in the midst of the Whispering Woods. It sits several days west of Elond. The trees that make up the city reach hundreds of feet into the air, with trees of massive diameters.


Wavenlon was founded almost ten thousand years ago by eladrin survivors of Alu Kahn Sang‘s invasion of the Material Plane. It was a major power in Daernika for many millennia, and was a location where elves and eladrin intermingled. However, as humans gained power on the continent, the trade that accompanied them stratified Wavenlon’s society. The oligarchy of eladrin and elves was converted to a monarchy of the former.

The creation of the Volucris Liga in 1 FC was a landmark moment for Wavenlon. Elves and eladrin flocked to this new organization, and many alumni of the group helped to industrialize the city. This was exacerbated by the Cataclysm, which sent the survivors of the Liga fleeing to Wavenlon. Their mechanic expertise quickly turned the city into an industrial haven – for the eladrin. The elves found themselves working long hours in dangerous jobs.

Wavenlon became a major source of production in Daernika, but eventually the elves reached the limit. Galad, an elf blacksmith, rallied together a small group of rebels, the Camlann, and overthrew the monarchy. This was called the Camlann Revolution, and resulted in the replacement of Feanaro with Elwe.

Feanaro had been a Dimir agent, and had employed Benjem to impregnate Elwe, rendering her unfit to succeed her father. Feanaro then had his uncle, King Cirdan, assassinated, and assumed the throne. It was around this time that he ordered Wavenlon to secede from Boros rule, with the intent to increase chaos in the land. This succeeded, as it helped to trigger the Boros Civil War and the violent secession of the dwarf kingdoms, Publia, and a number of other provinces.

Following the Revolution, Elwe continued the negotiations Feanaro had begun with the Boros Empire, ultimately acquiescing to rejoining the Empire. She balanced this unpopular decision with a number of equalizing policies, and started to work towards the end of the managerial eladrin class, with Galad’s advice.

Governance and Culture

Wavenlon was originally governed by a council of three elves and four eladrin. However, about two thousand years before the signing of the First Charter, the four eladrin on the council voted to create a monarchy. The ranking councilor, of House Silimaure, was made king, and this new tradition continues to the modern day.

Notable Buildings

Canopy Palace
Meriele’s Carpentry
World Theatre


Frosty Goat
Hammer and Sickle Tavern
Wounded Mare Tavern

Notable Residents



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