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Not to be confused with the Norngardian of the same name.

Stig is a soldier who has occasionally worked with the Flaming Cart through Vox. He has served in the Boros, and later in a company of soldiers called Redline. For a brief period, Stig was a member of the Canalis Liga before leaving to join the Minutemen with Pontius.

Appearance and Personality

Stig is a human male, lean and of slightly above average height. His hair is black, though his head and beard are often shaven to baldness. His skin is a bronze color. His eyesight is exceptional, which serves him well in scouting, archery, and hunting.


Stig was born in Arkile, in the Sandfells. His name, despite being traditionally Norngardian, was given to him by his Boros-sympathetic parents. His father was a member of the Boros stationed in Arkile, and Stig joined the Boros to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Under the command of Pontius, Stig proved to be a a skilled scout and marksman. Stig often trained with the other archers in the squad, Petronia and Effi, pushing them to always be improving. He was also often called upon to serve as a scout for the group, as he had a talent for seeing things clearly from a distance.

Stig’s first impressions with the Flaming Cart were under tense circumstances, as it had occurred alongside the reveal of Dimir infiltration of the authority he was a part of. Following Pontius’ lead, he and the other soldiers that would become Redline pledged themselves to Vox.

After the Battle of Norngard, Stig helped chop trees to make a pyre to cremate those who died. Afterwards, he followed Vox in his task to keep the peace, which brought them to Conmheim, and the ranger called James. Stig was ambivalent of James, who proved to be a mysterious individual. This ambivalence turned to disgust as it was discovered that they were tricked into killing Boros. The affair took a devastating toll on Vox, and Stig helped the others to move his unconscious body further South, away from Conmheim.

During this time, Stig and the other soldiers took to calling themselves Redline. The decision came from the realization that they needed funds in order to feed themselves, buy shelter, and seek medical attention for Vox. Once Vox recovered, the name faded.

When Vox was teleported away from the group, it came as a bizarre surprise. Soon after, Redline was approached by an agent of the Canalis Liga, who gave them an opportunity to join and fight the Dimir. Pontius, acting as the group’s leader, accepted the offer, and Redline served the Liga for a brief period. In this service, Stig was one of the soldiers tasked with the rescue of Arva’s family, and the young Krisom Heartson, Benjem’s younger brother.

When tensions began to rise between the Flaming Cart and the Canalis Liga, Ponitus took the opportunity to leave the Liga. Stig and the others gladly followed Pontius as he led them southwards to Publia. Stig joined the Minutemen, and fought with them in the Siege of Publia.

Stig (Redline)

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