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Orantown is a small town in southeastern Daernika, in the province of Utanyeat. It has historically been the seat of the Barony of Oranfief, and has a population of five-hundred and forty-six.


Orantown is located in Daernika’s southeastern plains. A large hill dominates the view just north of the town, and the Orankeep sits atop that hill.


Orantown has historically hosted the Barony of Oranfief, the Baron of which has often been a steadfast ally to Utanyeat’s Duke. In 750 FC, the town was embroiled by a small scandal when the Baron’s relationship with his male adviser came to light. Ever since 758 FC, the town and fief have been ruled by Baron Obitus, who now leads the Torog. In 767 FC, the Flaming Cart infiltrated the Orankeep in search of Krisom in a mission that ultimately resulted in the death of several local guards, including the dragonborn Kriv.

Governance and Culture

Orantown is ruled by the local Baron, and more indirectly by the Duke of Utanyeat.

Notable Buildings

Three Boots Inn

Notable Residents

Baron Obitus


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