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Norngard is one of Daernika’s largest cities and the capital of the Frostfells. Founded over four hundred years before the signing of the First Charter, Norngard was the last city to acquiesce to Boros rule, and has a strong independent streak. The city is shielded by massive walls of sheer blue ice.


Norngard is located in the far north of the frigid Frostfells, a wide and flat expanse of tundra spanning hundreds of miles. The sea lies one hundred miles to the north, and is the nearest geographic feature to the city.


Norngard was founded by a group of nomadic warriors. They abandoned their boats in the far north of the Frostfells tundra, and soon began to clash with the Utirqatuq. After centuries of war, the Norngardians stole the Orb of Snow from the Utirqatuq, and used it to raise hundred-foot-high walls around the city of Norngard. The Svellboer was also created this way.

These fortifications gave the Norngardians a significant advantage in the tribal conflict, and within twenty years of the stealing of the orb, they had managed to push the Utirqatuq out of the area. Tense relations and frequent skirmishes marked Norngardian-Utirqatuq interactions until the Boros invaded in 250 FC. A thirteen-year long war broke out in aftermath of this invasion, with the Utirqatuq aiding the Boros Legion in return for a promise of self-rule. However, when the Boros ultimately defeated the Norngardians in 263 FC, after besieging the city and starving out the warriors, the Norngardians were allowed to rule over the entire Frostfells province, the largest in Daernika.

Ever since, the Norngardians have been reluctant participants in the Boros system. During a Broken Spine Tribe invasion in 767 FC, the 4th Legion, which was posted in the Frostfells, was reassigned to retaking Fort Weatherlight in the Deadwood Hills. While they were gone, the Tribe attacked Norngard. In defiance of Boros law, Bjorn and Jarl Torben recruited a vast army from the peasantry of the Frostfells and pushed them through rigorous training for three weeks. Bjorn then successfully led the Norngardian troops against the Tribe, repelling them without suffering undue casualties.

In the wake of this stunning victory, Bjorn urged his father to declare independence from the Boros. After much deliberation, and after finally securing the reluctant assent of his chief adviser and son, Isorn, Torben officially seceded from the Boros Senate, the first Daernikans to successfully do so in almost five hundred years.

Boros troops, led by the general Ply, who was actually Dimir agent Gemina, then marched for Norngard. Attempts to repel the Boros largely failed, and the bulk of the force laid siege to the city. It was only reports that the Broken Spine Tribe was invading again that prevented a full-scale war between the two factions. With the aid of the Flaming Cart, the Norngardians, Utirqatuq, and Boros allied together and repelled the Boros.

When the Boros Civil War broke out, the Norngardians found themselves allied with the Senatorial Boros, whose troops, led by General Mormont, served as a major protective force against the Boros Empire. Ever since, the Norngardians and Senatorial Boros have been fighting a defensive war, slowly giving up ground to the Imperial onslaught.

Governance and Culture

Norngard is governed by a Jarl, a hereditary position. The city’s nobility also exercises considerable influence over the political and military realms. More recently, the merchant class has gained some power in the city’s affairs.

Notable Buildings


Notable Residents

Jarl Torben


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