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Markus was a merchant living in Aldenburn some decades after the Cataclysm. After the death of Vox’s parents, Markus took the boy in to raise him. He taught Vox sums, history, and how to wield a sword. He mentored Vox until his death in 754 FC.

Appearance and Personality

Markus thought highly of himself, and he carried himself with confidence. He was slightly below average height, and had a lean build. He was bald, but had a thick black beard. A fast talker, Markus had a natural talent for making sales, and was obsessed with learning numerous trades and crafts, to the point of superfluity. He made few friends and many enemies as a result of his roguish behavior and philosophies.


Markus was born, the son of a merchant, in the Capitol. He trained, as his father’s apprentice, to be a merchant. This dream was cut short, however, when Markus slept with the daughter of a Boros Senator. The Senator sent Markus a letter warning him of arrest and execution. The daughter sent a rose. Markus left town soon after, not willing to test the Senator’s anger.

Sailing to Ravenport, Markus worked on a tradeship that carried cargo between the ports on Ereb Lake. He later left this job to pursue other work, travelling south to Utanyeat, where he pursued a number of odd-jobs, including bodyguard, town-crier, and courier, accruing what wealth he could. But this was not enough, and Markus left each of these jobs to pursue whatever lucrative opportunity he could. In doing so, however, each new project he undertook necessitated numerous loans and funding, which often went unpaid. Markus soon left Utanyeat, leaving a pile of IOU’s behind him.

This pursuit of money led Markus in a new direction, and he travelled to the other side of the continent with a team of miners to the Dragon’s Back Mountains, where they tried their hand at staking a claim and digging for valuable ore. Markus became the resident appraiser, inspecting the worth of each gem mined from the rocky ground. For every dozen gems to be mined and cut, one or two might have been “lost” in Markus’ pocket. In his spare time, Markus trained a falcon to hide these pocketed gemstones in a nest high in a tree, so that when he was accused of stealing the gems, none could be found. Markus left soon afterwards, taking his falcon, Emyr, with him.

Richer, but more infamous, than ever before, Markus played it safe for the first time in his life and opened a storefront in the Great Basilica. He capitalized on trade between the Basilica, Publia, and the Capitol, using the gems he had stolen to give himself a head start other merchants literally could not afford. With this success came unwanted attention, and Markus found himself the object of unwanted scrutiny as a result of his rapid rise in wealth. As it turned out, people ranging from Senators to miners seemed to harbor disdain for the merchant, and Markus relocated his store elsewhere before the enemies he had made over the years closed in on him.

This move took Markus to the remote village of Aldenburn, where he would spend the rest of his life. Markus opened his store, the Falcon’s Findings, named after his pet Emyr, and sold general goods and items. He lived comfortably, but was careful not to overdo it as he was so prone to do in his youth. During this time, Markus took in the young Vox, and for the first time in the roguish merchant’s life was the feeling of domesticity. Markus turned over a new leaf in raising Vox, and was sure to pick and choose the “right” lessons to teach the young child, so that he wouldn’t make the same outrageous enterprises Markus made as a young man.

In his later years, Markus fell ill with violent coughs, for which he blamed the mud and fog from the swamps around Aldenburn. Soon after, in 754 FC, Markus passed away and left his store to Vox.


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