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Iona is a soldier who has occasionally worked with the Flaming Cart through Vox. She was a soldier in the Boros, and died fighting in the Siege of Norngard.

Appearance and Personality

Iona was a female human, of above-average height. Her hair was black and kept back in a ponytail. She was one of the more patient and level-headed members of the group, and was close friends with Mars.


Effi was born in Ravenport. As a child, she helped load and unload cargo from ships travelling to and from the Capitol. Being taller and stronger than most other children, Iona became a dependable worker on the docks. She joined the Boros when a group of soldiers arrived in the village looking for people interested in enlisting. She was put under the command of Pontius, who taught her how to use her strength from loading cargo into an education of swordfighting. She often sparred with Mars and Darrak, helping the two improve their swordsmanship.

Effi’s first impressions with the Flaming Cart were under tense circumstances, as it had occurred alongside the reveal of Dimir infiltration of the authority she was a part of. Following Pontius’ lead, she and the other soldiers that would become Redline pledged themselves to Vox.

Effi was killed fighting the Broken Spine Tribe in the fields outside Norngard. Vox deeply blames himself for her death.


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