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The Great Basilica is one of Daernika’s largest cities, and home to the Sanctuary. It is also the capital of the Congregate.


The Sanctuary sits to the east of the Bremen River, in a large, man-made clearing in the Whispering Woods.


The Great Basilica was founded in 23 FC, by a High Priest of Sanctus who had been dispatched from the Capitol to create a new city for the god’s religious order. By 112 FC, when the eponymous Basilica was built, the city had become Daernika’s second largest city, hosting more than thirty thousand people.

When the Cataclysm occurred, the Great Basilica was largely unaffected. However, the subsequent flood of refugees and covert war with the Torog has upset the city’s otherwise stable atmosphere. In 763 FC, the Golden Hands, the city’s law enforcement, expelled almost seventy thousand refugees, most of whom relocated to the Capitol and Publia. In the years since, the Great Basilica’s population has stabilized at around one hundred and forty thousand.

Since the start of the Boros Civil War, the city has served as a major bulwark for the Senatorial Boros, and has housed the Senate-in-Exile since the Capitol fell to the Boros Empire. Numerous prominent refugees from the Boros, including nobility and royalty from the dwarf kingdoms.

Governance and Culture

The Great Basilica, and, more broadly, the Congregate, is ruled by the Council of Gods, a grouping of three High Priests of Sanctus and one other priest from each major god. This council drafts laws, and also serves as the highest judicial body. However, the Sanctuary itself serves as the executive, enforcing the laws and controlling the Golden Hands – which were at one point the largest legal non-mercenary military force in Daernika, excluding the Boros.

The city is split into eight districts, the Harbor District, the Traveler’s Quarter, the Merchant’s District, the Artisan’s Ward, the Temple District, the Gold Quarter, the Garden District, and the Poor Quarter.

Notable Buildings

The Basilica
Library of Ioun
Kord’s Ring
Palace of Spiros


Frosty Goat

Great Basilica

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