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Effi is a soldier who has occasionally worked with the Flaming Cart through Vox. She was a soldier in the Boros, and died fighting in the Siege of Norngard.

Appearance and Personality

Effi was a female human, of slightly below-average height. Her hair was brown and short, rarely going past her shoulders.


Effi was born in southeastern Daernika. As a child, she remembers the near constant threat of attack from the Broken Spine Tribe. She joined the Boros when her older brother died in one such raid, enlisting as he had meant to do before his death. She was placed in Pontius’ squad, and trained with Stig to help her develop her skills in archery.

Effi’s first impressions with the Flaming Cart were under tense circumstances, as it had occurred alongside the reveal of Dimir infiltration of the authority she was a part of. Following Pontius’ lead, she and the other soldiers that would become Redline pledged themselves to Vox.

Effi was killed fighting the Broken Spine Tribe in the fields outside Norngard. Vox deeply blames himself for her death.


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