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Conmheim is a small trading village located a few day’s travel southwest of Norngard. It is a remote village located deep in the tundras of the Frostfells. Its population is few, and is comprised almost entirely of hunters and scouts. Many of the buildings within the village are tents and yurts, due to the sparcity of timber. The largest of these yurts functions as a hostel and tavern. Vox and the soldiers of Redline briefly traveled through the small village under Mormont’s orders.


Conmheim is located deep within the Frostfells. Land travel through the area is difficult, as snowfall often obscures the only road leading to the village. The tundra around the village is quite inhospitable, and the primary reason for the village’s existance in such a place is for the hunting and skinning of the local animals, such as elk, for pelts and meat.

Notable Residents

James claimed to be a ranger from Conmheim, though the authenticity of this statement is questionable at best.


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