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Sigils of the Boros Legion and Boros Senate, respectively

The Boros were one of the founding factions of Daernikan society. They were created by the First Charter, and were made up of two parts, the Legion and the Senate. The Boros represented secular life in Daernika. They were instrumental in fighting the Broken Spine Tribe post-Cataclysm, but were ultimately dissolved at the advent of the Boros Civil War.


The Boros were created by the First Charter in 1 FC. Over the next few centuries, they conquered all of Daernika, subjecting it to Boros rule. As time passed, relations between the Boros, the Sanctuary, and the Volucris Liga,grew tense, and the former two began to engage in a number of power struggles.

The Boros Legions proved instrumental in beating off a number of Broken Spine Tribe invasions following the Cataclysm. They also became involved in putting down the secessions and rebellions that spread following the secession of Norngard, until Caedis Scutum formed the Boros Empire.

The Boros Legions

Each of the 16 Boros Legions consisted of 10,000 soldiers. The symbol of the Legion is a mailed fist over the Senate’s rising sun. The motto of the Legion was “Strength through Unity.” The structure of the Legions is as follows:

  • 16 Legions of 10,000 soldiers, led by a General
  • In each, 4 Cohorts of 2,500 soldiers, led by a Legate
  • In each, 5 Battalions of 500 soldiers, led by a Commander
  • In each, 5 Platoons of 100 soldiers, led by a Captain
  • In each, 5 Squads of 20 soldiers, led by a Lieutenant

The 16 Legions of the Boros were located in the following regions, as of 767 FC:

  1. Capitol
  2. Capitol
  3. Great Basilica
  4. Usually the Frostfells, went to aid the 9th in the Deadwood Hills
  5. Western Foothills
  6. Publia and the Publian Peninsula
  7. Dragon’s Back Mountains
  8. Northern Woods, including Icehone Forest
  9. Southern Woods, including Whispering Woods, and Deadwood Hills
  10. Southwestern Plains
  11. Southeast
  12. Northeastern Plains
  13. Sandfells
  14. Northeastern Tundra
  15. Rodunland
    16. Murmuring Marsh

The Boros Senate

The Boros Senate is made up of 500 members, all democratically elected in elections facilitated by the Boros Legion. Senators represent various Provinces, and each province receives a number of senators according to its proportional population, with a minimum of one. The symbol of the Boros Senate is a red rising sun.

The head of the Senate is the Protector of the State, a senator elected by the other members of the Senate for the entire duration they are in the Senate. The Protector of the State has veto power and some control over the Boros Legion.

Notable Members

Caedis Scutum
General Adaeze Okoro
General Duncan North
General Pambuka
Senator Varis


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