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Arkile is a city in the Aja Desert, and the capital of the Sandfells. It is one of Daernika’s largest city’s, and has a rich history of innovation and culture.


Arkile is built among the sand dunes of the Aja Desert, and six particularly large hills sit within the city’s walls. Towers constructed on these hills served as the defensive anchor for Arkile in the city’s early days.


Arkile was founded about four hundred years before the signing of the First Charter by a group of nomadic desert clans. These six clans numbered almost one thousand people in total, and each of them constructed and maintained a tower for the settlement’s defense. The Elder’s House, on the south side of the city, was built around this time as well, and served as a meeting place for the leaders of each of the clans. These elders ruled the city for many centuries.

When, in 82 FC, the Boros seized the city and imposed their rule over the entire desert besides, the governance of the city changed. Elected leaders from within each clan made up the council of elders instead, but the hereditary clan leaders continued to exercise dominance within their respective groups. As well, the name of the city was changed from Gede Kota to Arkile.

On the 14th of Firemoot, 767 FC, a massive Broken Spine Tribe army sought to take the city. The 12th and 13th Boros Legions repelled the Tribe, but protests afterwards eventually bloomed into massive riots. It took several days for General Caedis Scutum to put down the rebels, and by the time she had, armies elsewhere int eh desert had been raised. This marked the start of the Ajaean Rebellion.

Against the Senate’s wishes, Caedis reformed the Boros Legions in the area, created two new ones, and marched west with thirty thousand soldiers – many of whom had participated in the urban uprising just days earlier.

The new rebellion was motivated by the legend of Korbolo Dom, a prominent general of Fuko Mbeza, the Heron Clan, and a violent revolutionary who had been killed sixty years earlier. The prophecy that followed his death promised of a new rebellion, led by seven children imbued with a seventh of the great warlord’s spirits. Known as the Children of the Apocalypse, these seven-year-olds now each led a massive rebel army.

Caedis ultimately quashed the rebellion, and in the process triggered the start of the Boros Civil War and the Declaration of Empire. The Empire gained a strong foothold in Arkile and the Aja Desert early on, and remained in control of the area throughout the course of the war.

In 768 FC, the Dimir agent Rivani attempted to destroy the city by summoning the desert’s ancient spirits in the form of the Flamekiss Hydra. However, she was slain, and the Hydra was defeated by the Flaming Cart before it could deal undue damage to Arkile.

Governance and Culture

Arkile is ruled by a council of elected leaders, one from each clan of the desert. The three main languages spoken in the city are Common, Eastern Ajaean, and Western Ajaean. It is an integral trading hub in central Daernika, and the source of many valuable spices and raw materials that cannot be found anywhere else on the continent.

Notable Buildings

Clan Plaza
Elder’s House
Golden Dome
The Six Towers


Horned Hamster Inn

Notable Residents

Caedis Scutum
General Pambuka
Korbolo Dom


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