Aja Desert

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The Aja Desert is Daernika’s largest desert.


The Aja Desert is located in the center of the continent, and contains thousands of square miles. It is mostly defined by endless dunes, dotted with sparsely-populated dunes, nomadic tribes, and communities of cannibalistic halflings. Culturally, the desert is roughly split into east and west, with distinct languages and social practices.

Arkile is the desert’s largest city, although other towns such as Korban and Onicha have relatively sizable populations. The Old North Road bisects the desert along the north-south axis, and the Trail of Spice halves it along the east-west axis. The Long Desert Road also runs through much of the southeastern portion of the desert, from Arkile to the Fluvius Imperium. Two hundred miles east of the Old North Road lies the Adasi River, the desert’s only major body of water.


The Aja Desert was dominated by the Boros in 82 FC. In 767 FC, the Ajaean Rebellion broke out, sweeping across the land and resulting in a massive war between native armies and that of Caedis Scutum. When Caedis ultimately succeeded in putting down the rebellion, she triggered the Boros Civil War and created the Boros Empire, which has solidly controlled the desert ever since.

Notable Residents

Caedis Scutum
General Adaeze Okoro
General Duncan North
General Pambuka
Kapala Isi
Korbolo Dom

Aja Desert

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